Sketch comedy YouTube channel Smosh Games' member Amra Ricketts responded to the sexual assault allegations against him Thursday and also announced that he was leaving the company. His statement on Twitter came after several alleged victims came forward to share multiple allegations of sexual assault.

"The SMOSH organization was recently made aware of the allegations regarding Amra Ricketts (Flitz). As of today, he is no longer with the company," a representative for the company said.

In a Twitter post, Ricketts denied the claims leveled against him, saying he would take legal action against his accusers.

"Most of you don't know, last week I was accused of some of the worst things imaginable by a group of old friends and former roommate. While I deny all allegations against me, this community, my family at Smosh Games, and the team behind it mean so much to me," he wrote. "I cannot risk this having a negative impact on them. I'm working with a lawyer to disprove all false claims and restore my name but this is my battle."

Raquey Strange, an alleged victim of Ricketts, posted on social media that the YouTube star had sexually assaulted her and many others after coercing them into a group sex act.

“This is Amra Ricketts … He works for Smosh Games and has a large YouTube following. Also, he is a sexual predator,” Strange began the post by sharing a photo of Ricketts.

Strange alleged that Ricketts “seeks out and preys on vulnerable young women and literally sees himself as a wolf spiritually. He created a cult environment at his house in North Hollywood. Surrounded himself with women who were in tight spots and would shower us with generosity and excitement. He let us live in his house, and in return we would feel like we owed him something, as if he was our savior.”

Another alleged victim came forward last week, claiming Ricketts assaulted her while she slept in 2015. The accuser was not identified as the allegation was made via a post on behalf of someone without a Facebook account.

The woman said that she had considered Ricketts “one of her best friends” at the time of the alleged assault and expressed “deep regret” for freezing in fear. “I wish I had the clarity and courage to scream and kick him off of me, but I didn’t,” she wrote.

The post ended with, “Amra is psychologically, emotionally, and physically abusive. He thinks he is an actual god and his power trip has spiraled out of control to the point of repeatedly hurting many people in many ways, including multiple accounts of sexual assault. Amra Ricketts is a hypocrite. Amra Ricketts is a fraud. Amra Ricketts is a rapist.”

Ricketts, who was born May 31, 1987 in Philadelphia, also goes by the name of FLitz or The Nerdsworth.