Katy Perry Trevor Knight
Katy Perry made the world aware of her crush on college football player Trevor Knight. However, Knight has a girlfriend. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Katy Perry hit on a taken man at a college football game Saturday. During ESPN’s “College GameDay” coverage, the pop star declared her love for Trevor Knight, quarterback for the University of Oklahoma -- but the sophomore has a longtime girlfriend, Kate Williams.

Perry flirted with Knight while she talked to ESPN commentators. “Trevor Knight, call me!” she yelled. She even had a heart-shaped sign with Knight’s picture, which looked more suited to a One Direction concert than a football game.

Some of the commentators worried that Knight wouldn’t even be able to play after a celebrity hit on him, but the player already has a girlfriend. Kate Williams has been seeing Knight for more than a year, TMZ reported.

Williams’ Twitter account indicates she is a chemical-engineering major and a sorority sister of Delta Delta Delta. She also appears to be pretty religious. Knight challenged his girlfriend to post her favorite Bible quote on Instagram. Williams’ interests extend past football and chemical engineering. The blonde recently modeled for Stella Rae’s, a clothing boutique in Oklahoma. Knight’s girlfriend has yet to post a reaction to Katy Perry hitting on her boyfriend.

Knight seems to still make time for his girlfriend despite his busy football schedule. Williams posted that her boyfriend brought her flowers and cleaned her apartment for her at the beginning of the semester.

We’re guessing Perry isn’t too heartbroken by the news. During her segment, she was asked about another game going on between the University of Maryland and Ohio State University. She predicted the winner based on looks once again.

“I have to go for Ohio State because of Kirk Herbstreit,” Perry said as she held another heart-shaped poster featuring the ESPN analyst, who was sitting on the set with her, E Online reported. Herbstreit played for OSU during his college football career. Perry may have flirted with the older man, but Perry maintained that she still wanted Knight -- who is 10 years younger than she is -- to give her a call.