Actor Orlando Brown poses at the Santa Monica Airport on Sept. 20, 2003, in California. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A former child TV star who has been dogged by controversy in recent years has given his critics more ammunition after he released his own sex tape in the early hours of the New Year. Orlando Brown, who co-starred on the kid-friendly hit TV series, "That's So Raven," posted the X-rated footage to social media before quickly deleting it on Sunday, BET reported.

Brown guest starred in several shows by Disney and is best known for his role of Eddie Thomas on "That’s So Raven." While the actor landed a bit role in last year's hit movie "Straight Outta Compton," his resume has been relatively sparse since the TV show shot him to stardom more than a decade ago.

The 29-year-old's latest apparent ploy for attention follows some choice remarks he made about his fellow "That's So Raven" star, Raven-Symoné. Brown has been mired in salacious allegations ranging from drug use to domestic violence, and even at one point went missing. As such, Sunday's posting of explicit video footage to social media may not come as much of a surprise to those who have followed Brown's career.

However, for those who have not become familiar with Brown's exploits, below are five examples of the types of controversy the actor has seemingly courted in the years since "That's So Raven" went off the air in 2007.

1. Brown Threatens Symoné

Brown seemed to take umbrage at the fact that he was not cast in the upcoming "That's So Raven" spinoff series. He lashed out at Symoné for his exclusion and called her a derogatory term in a video of himself he posted to social media early last month, Vibe reported.

"Raven stop trolling my page, we all know why you won’t say sh-t, because I’m the truest n---a in the motherf--kin’ world. I’mma end this sh-t, b---- stop trolling my page, I’m coming to see you and we’re gonna end this like real world adults, I’m not trying to play no more games. I’m just saying, be real, be family, and that’s it," he said in the video.

2. Claims He Had Sex With Symoné

Brown and Symoné had a sexual relationship while they were filming "That's So Raven," he told DJ Vlad in a video interview released this past September. The troubled actor goes into explicit details when describing one of their alleged encounters.

3. Assault, Drug Charges

Brown was arrested for domestic battery misdemeanor and drug charges after he was accused of hitting his girlfriend and carrying methamphetamines in February. He would go on to be charged with possession of a drug with intent to sell, and having contraband in jail. It was not the first time drug use had been alleged against Brown.

4. Threatens Woman, Child In Hollywood

Brown was arrested for two counts of disturbing the peace and one of public intoxication when he allegedly threatened a woman and her toddler daughter in Hollywood, California, in August 2014, according to MTV News. "Tell him Orlando Brown is crazy... I'll kill you, your mama, your daughter, everybody... Come outside!" the actor said on a 911 phone call. However, authorities did not press charges because they believes the woman did not actually fear for her life.

5. Brown Goes Missing

Brown disappeared for more than 24 hours in April of 2008. He missed meetings and a photo shoot, prompting his manager to alert authorities, People reported at the time. However, he would later surface, saying in part that he just "needed to be alone."