Mariah Yeater on Wednesday quietly dropped her lawsuit that claimed that the teen sensation had fathered her child even as the date of DNA test approached near, according to TMZ.

Yeater's move was surprising as just days before withdrawing the lawsuit, she had spoken out confidently in an interview with CBS' The Insider, saying that she has sufficient evidence to prove her claims in court.

Why did the the San Diego 20-something mother change her mind so quickly? Just after she withdrew the lawsuit, her lawyer Jeffrey Leving told the public why Yeater dropped the lawsuit.

Leving said the main reasons why she dropped the lawsuit are the unwanted media attention storm and death threats she received.

According to Leving, Yeater had changed her phone number due to the threats made to her. She was also tired of being videotaped by the media as she was walking in the park with her son. However, Leving refused to say whether Yeater had approached the police for help.

I will state right now it's better that it's handled out of court which is in the best interests of everybody, Fox News cited Leving as saying. Hopefully the case can come to a safe and healthy conclusion.

Leving said he believes that both sides will sign a confidentiality agreement to keep the paternity results private. But he indicated it may not be possible.

[Mariah] believes Justin Bieber is the father. We're trying to secure a private DNA test, because this case is out of control, Leving said.

But Leving told the AP that the lawsuit could be refiled saying This case was never dismissed. It can be refiled today or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Bieber's camp was happy with Yeater's decision. As we've said from the beginning, it's sad that someone would fabricate such a malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claim, said Bieber's publicist Matthew Hiltzik. We'll continue to consider all of our options to protect Justin.

In addition, Justin has vowed that he will take DNA test to prove he is not the father.

Bieber's lawyers are planning to countersue Yeater, to make an example of the young mother, according to Chicago Sun Times.

Previously, Bieber said he's never met Yeater, and he also denied allegations that he fathered Yeater's son.

In October, Yeater alleged that Bieber had fathered her 3-months old son Tristyn, after a 30-second sexual encounter at L.A.'s Staples Center Oct. 25, 2010 following Bieber's concert.

We just got to talking and then he eventually asked me, 'Do you mind if we can go somewhere and be alone?' said Yeater. We went, and on the walk to wherever his destination was, he asked, or he was telling me, that he'd like to make love to me, all sweet and cute and touchy, and then when we got to, it turned out to be a bathroom, his whole demeanor changed. It went from cute and gushy to, just, more aggressive.

So far, both sides seem to have evidence to prove their claims. We cannot say who is speaking the truth until the DNA test results are released.

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