Movie fans might not want to get too excited about the Super Bowl commercials this year. A new report claims that fewer motion pictures will debut new trailers.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the studios aren’t buying 8 to 10 slots during the Super Bowl anymore. The 2018 game only had a mere six, and 2019 might only have three or four movie trailers. The outlet says that both cost and timing are to blame.

“Avengers: Endgame” fans are probably in luck, though. Disney, which owns Marvel Studios, earned over $7 billion at the box office last year, so they have the budget to drop $5 million per 30-second slot. Disney isn’t just promoting the one superhero flick, though.

In the coming months, Disney will release several high-profile movies. In addition to “Endgame,” due out April 26, Marvel is also launching “Captain Marvel” on March 8. The mouse house also has two live-action remakes with “Dumbo” (March 29) and “Aladdin” (May 24). Plus, “Toy Story 4” (June 21), “Artemis Fowl” (Aug. 9) and “Frozen 2” (Nov. 22) are highly-anticipated.

Based on last year’s “Infinity War” marketing schedule, “Avengers: Endgame” seems to be a pretty obvious trailer choice. The “Infinity War” trailer was one of the most-talked about trailers from the Super Bowl, so it would make sense do the same for this year’s epic conclusion.

Avengers Endgame A new "Avengers: Endgame" trailer will likely be among Disney's Super Bowl commercials. Photo: Marvel Studios

THR predicts Disney will have the most trailers, likely promoting more of their upcoming movies. While “Captain Marvel” is an option, the studio didn’t promote “Black Panther” at last year’s big game. It seems more likely that a second trailer would go to one of the live action remakes.

At least one other studios will pay the hefty $5 million price tag for a 30-second Super Bowl ad. Dwayne Johnson revealed that Universal’s “Fast and Furious” spinoff “Hobbs and Shaw” will debut a trailer during the Rams vs. Patriots game. The studio had two spots last year, so it could potentially promote latest “How To Train Your Dragon” sequel or “Us” if it buys another commercial slot.

If THR’s prediction is right, that might mean that there won’t be many trailers beyond those.

Forbes reports that Warner Bros. does not buy Super Bowl ads, so there won’t be a new trailer for DC’s “Shazam” or the Ryan Reynolds flick “Detective Pikachu.” Sony is also sitting out this year, meaning no new “Brightburn” or “Men in Black: International” trailers.

While the Super Bowl may have fewer movie trailers during the actual game, expect some movie promos to also debut in the pre-game coverage. Paramount is sitting out the actual championship, but it will premiere a “Wonder Park” trailer during the pre-game festivities.