Will the “Winds of Winter” release date announcement come right after the final season of “Game of Thrones”? Author George RR Martin shared some details about the progress he has made in writing the highly anticipated novel in a recent interview, and he also appeared to hint at the next book coming out soon after the show airs.

The promotion of “Game of Thrones” is currently in full swing, and Martin appeared as a guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote the HBO series. The author also talked about his “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels that are the source material for the show.

Fallon and his team dressed up as characters from the popular fantasy TV series. Former cast member Sean Bean was also a guest at the show and asked everyone to be patient. Martin reminded everyone about the premiere date of the show, which is April 14.

For the fans who are not happy about “Game of Thrones” coming to an end, Martin told the audience not to have any fear because after the show ends, there will always be his upcoming books to read. The author has yet to complete the two final books in “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, the next one being “Winds of Winter.”

Did Martin deliberately hold off the release of his next book to prevent the fans from learning the ending? The author said that he has been working on the next book, and in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, he confirmed that the writing has been “going very well lately.”

While the fans of “Winds of Winter” wait for the release date, the wait for the premiere of “Game of Thrones” is almost over.

Martin announced on his blog that the "Game of Thrones"-themed Oreos have been released in supermarkets. “When winter comes, what’s better than a glass of milk and some nice cookies?” the author wrote in his post.