A woman living in New York City claimed she was catfished by her boss, who allegedly pretended to be a man with the hopes of going out on a date with her.

Olivia Fenton shared her ordeal on TikTok and claimed her manager was fired after getting caught. She revealed that her boss told her she wanted to set her up with her “best guy friend.” But, whenever Fenton tried to meet the mystery man on a date, she was stood up over and over again, according to New York Post. The aspiring actress and singer narrated the events in a TikTok video that has amassed nearly 4 million views.

“Does anyone else have a manager who came into work, told you she wanted to set you up with her best guy friend, you planned a first date, [then] he stood you up?” the 24-year-old woman told her 8,000 followers on TikTok.

After planning a second date, Fenton said the man bailed once again and said he “got stuck in meetings.”

“You planned a third date, he came to the bar, didn’t see you and left,” she continued, adding that he “then tried to come back to find you, but his train got stuck underground.”

Fenton felt the third failed date was the final straw and texted her boss saying this was “not gonna work.” However, the woman decided to give her blind date one last chance after receiving a text from him on Christmas.

“[I] planned a redemption dinner, which he never arrived to because he got in a ‘car accident,'” Fenton said in the video.

After yet another no-show, Fenton began suspecting her supervisor of duping her with this so-called “best guy friend” that probably doesn’t even exist. The woman also cross-checked the handwriting she found on a note that the mystery man sent her with a bouquet of flowers and found that it matched her manager’s handwriting.

“[I started] putting the pieces together, like maybe it was [my] manager the whole time,” Fenton told her followers. “...She also sent flowers to [my] house pretending that they were flowers from the guy. Her handwriting and his handwriting was exactly the same.”

Fenton claimed her boss used a “burner phone” to hoodwink her and stole pictures from another man's account.

Plenty of TikTokers saw Fenton's clip and requested an update on the catfishing boss. So she decided to post a follow-up video, according to Yahoo! News.

“Yes, my manager was fired,” she explained in the video. “I went to HR, and they handled it immediately. I also found out she did this to a woman at her previous company.”

“It’s speculated that she’s deeply in the closet and is coming to terms with her sexuality,” Fenton said in the clip about her manager’s possible motives. “I think she might have had a crush on me and just took it way too far.”

Representative image Credit: Pixabay