A woman, in a viral TikTok video, has claimed that a man followed her home from her gym and that the gym refused to take action against him.

The woman, identified as 25-year-old Jessi Balter, uploaded a 25-second clip in which she is seen working out on the day of the alleged incident. The video is accompanied by a text overlaying to explain what happened.

She said a man who attends the gym followed her into her apartment and when she reported the incident to the gym, they "refused to ban him," Fitness Volt reported.

"How can they care more about a contract than their own member’s safety???" Balter says in the video.

"Check your priorities, LA Fitness & get these disgusting men out of your gym," she said in the caption.

While speaking to Daily Dot, Balter said she didn’t post the video to "cancel" LA Fitness but to raise awareness to protect women gym-goers.

"I posted the video to create a safe space for women to see that they are not alone. Unfortunately, things like this happen all the time at gyms and [in] other places and it goes unreported. I hope my video has allowed other women to share their experiences, or even think about sharing," she told the outlet.

Meanwhile, the video has since gone viral, receiving over 6.5 million views. Several people took to the comments section to share their views.

"Okie so he used their gym at a hunting ground which could potentially cause harm to other members but they want the monthly fee?" one person commented.

"And men think we’re dramatic for wanting women only gyms," another person wrote.

In a follow-up video, the woman said the manager of the gym contacted her and agreed the situation was mishandled. The manager also told her that the gym will fully support her if she decided to reach out to law enforcement.

Meanwhile, in an email to Daily Dot, a spokesperson for LA Fitness denied that the company refused to ban the man.

"We never refused to ban this man. We do not have any idea who he is or we would ban him! She has not provided this information. If you look at her recent post on this topic, you will notice that she more completely explains what she has told us, which has never included a name or any identity of her attacker at all. She is not comfortable doing that, she says. She has not requested a 'ban' because she knows that she is the only one who has the information on who her attacker is," the spokesperson told the outlet.

Representational Image Credit: Pixabay