A West Virginian woman received almost $15,000 of unclaimed money her mother had forgotten about on Tuesday.

Vickie Shaluta recieved $14,876.55, the money which her mother who died of Alzheimer's Disease last year had forgotten about. She had the money deposited in a bank.

When Vickie Shaluta's mother died, she thought all that was left behind was handmade quilts and a secret recipe for making the most amazing fudge.

But the bank called Shaluta recently to tell her that her mother had forgotten about thousands of dollars that were in the bank just sitting there, growing.But then the bank called Shaluta and told her about thousands of dollars, that was deposited and growing in the bank.

It's like a gift from mom, Shaluta said of the money. That's exactly how I feel about it. It's a gift, an ABC news stated.

West Virginia has more pro-active policy in reuniting people with their unclaimed money unlike other states.