Philadelphia -- A woman on her way to work has helped save the life of a baby after a man dangled it off an overpass in Pennsylvania to threaten the kid's mom.

Christine King said she stumbled upon a domestic situation unfolding as she drove to work Thursday on the I-95 near the Cottman Avenue exit in Northeast Philadelphia.

King said she couldn’t help but pull the car over as a man threatened the child's mother to throw the kid off the overpass.

"I couldn't just pass after I saw the baby. And after I saw him trying to throw the baby over, I couldn't let it go," King said, according to 6abc Action News.

The passerby intervened and tried to get the child out of the man’s arms.

"I said, 'Give me the baby.' And I put my hand around the baby to pull the baby from him while she was trying to pull the baby too, and I said, 'Give me the baby.' He said, 'Get off my baby, I will shoot you. I will shoot you,'" King said.

The woman said the child’s mother bravely managed to get the man’s gun out of his pocket and put them all out of harm’s way.

"She went behind him, he was shaking so he didn't know she was in his pocket, and that's when she grabbed the gun out of his pocket. That's when she put it in her pocket," King told the outlet.

Officers from the Pennsylvania State Police arrived at the scene and took control of the situation as the man still had the baby in his arms. Following a struggle, the man was taken into custody while the baby was brought to safety and given a check in an ambulance.

The mother of the child said the man dangling her baby off the overpass was her ex-boyfriend, King said.

“She is a hero because of two things: she is fighting to get her baby out of his hand and her thinking how she can get that gun away from him,” King told CBS Philly about the mother.

The good samaritan said she has no “regrets” about getting involved in the terrifying ordeal.

“I have no regrets and I’m not saying ‘Oh my God, why did I do that? That was very dangerous.’ I am not thinking of that,” King told the outlet.

The incident is being investigated.

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Representative image Credit: Pixabay / FeeLoona