Game developer CCP, which created the 'EVE Online', has just revealed a bit of information about the upcoming Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) 'World of Darkness' (WoD) at this year’s Fanfest in Iceland. WoD’s senior producer Chris McDonough took the stage to reveal a few early details about the game and talked about the mechanics, the game play world, and what makes it both similar and different when compared to 'EVE Online'.

'World of Darkness' is mostly based on the White Wolf tabletop RPG and focuses primarily on one major element of the supernatural world – vampires. However, it has also been said that mages, werewolves and other elements of the universe will eventually be added. But in the beginning, players will need to create a blood-sucker and join different clans fighting for control over cities and territories.

Although CCP is experimenting with the age-old MMO subject of people fighting over different stuff, the developers plan to make it more realistic for the gamers by making the battle a real one, very similar to what it was in the 'EVE Online'. In WoD, factions will literally be able to take over different parts of the world, gain control over mortals and, more importantly, their blood, which is the game's main resource.

It is being said that there are even plans to allow the community to elect others into actual and important roles, and you can also name an actual player Prince of the City, which is much more than just a title. Different cities that have been named after real-world locations can have their own elected leaders. As the game will employ EVE Online's single-server system, being elected as the leader of a city is pretty important, and the Prince of a City has the power to permanently kill players.

The game also has a pretty awesome fashion sense where an entire slide of the presentation was dedicated to showing off concept art of vampires in Gothic-inspired outfits. The game is said to be insanely bloody, mature, and filled with extremely violent hand-to-hand battles. But the characters will be well-dressed.

The game is yet to receive a release date, but the developers will continue to release bits of information on the further development of the game.

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