The world Santa Claus Congress 2011 was held in Copenhagen, from July 18, 2011. More than 120 Santas all over the world had come there to celebrate the off-season Christmas in Denmark.

The tradition of celebrating the World Santa Claus Congress began in 1957 and gathered around 150 Santas from around the world, including both female and male Christmas pixies and elves.

This year different teams participated in plenty of games. Mainly there were two teams of Santas - one from Denmark and the other from the United States, Sweden, Russia, Germany and other countries - competed for the coveted trophy of Best Santa Team. The Danish Santas were the winner and team captain Niels Preus vowed that his Santas would come back and defend their title next year.
The activities in the three-day program include a Christmas parade down Copenhagen's main pedestrian street and a dip in the harbor for the annual saltwater footbath.

Here we have some of the shots from the event :