CM Punk
WWE CHampion CM Punk after he stole a victory from John Cena to retain his title.

Brock Lesnar dominated his match with Triple H last night, and CM Punk and Sheamus retained their World Titles. With four out of eight previously made predictions being wrong, SummerSlam was one of the more surprising WWE pay-per-view.

Sunday's pay-per-view event was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and CM Punk successfully defended his WWE Title on the 274th day of his reign, reports The Champion defeated Big Show and John Cena in a triple threat.

The bout saw each man get the brunt of an assault, but two unusual things happened: John Cena wasn't in control over most of the match, and there was a double submission resulting in the match restarting. When Cena and Punk both locked submissions holds on the Giant at the same time he submitted, but it was nullified when it resulted in a no contest and the match continued.

The match ended with an opportunistic CM Punk stealing a victory. When Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on Big Show and left him vulnerable, Punk threw Cena out of the ring and pinned the World's Largest Athlete to continue his streak where he is currently the fourteenth longest reigning WWE Champion.

The thirteenth longest reigning WWE Champion also saw a victory last night. Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H in the closing match that saw the two men brutalize each other, and marked Lesnar's first victory since his professional wrestling return in April.

The former WWE and UFC Champion has only entered in one other match since April 2 when he came back to the WWE, but he made the Chief Operating Officer of the WWE Triple H tap out to his Kimura Lock. Triple H taking the fall in this match was out of the ordinary since he has so much clout within the company and has been trying to build put himself over since last summer.

Both men rarely wrestle and both lost their previous matches, Cena defeated Lesnar and Undertaker defeated Triple H in April. Since WWE only has Lesnar for a limited amount of time with his contract, and Triple H is expected to be around for a long time, the MMA fighter is a more valuable as the winner.

If Lesnar had continued to lose matches, the hype surrounding him fighting another Superstar would be lost. The only reason they could put him over as a monster this time was because he brutalized Cena before losing his match at Extreme Rules in April.

NoDQ claims that it's possible that there may be a Lesnar vs. Tirple H rematch later this year. The potential match would take place at Survivor Series, which isn't until November.

Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio to retain his World Heavyweight Championship as well. The World Heavyweight Champion has put himself over as an unstoppable champion, but his opponent didn't let him run their match last night.

Alberto Del Rio continued to show his new and more aggressive persona at SummerSlam, staying in an offensive position for most of the match. This is unusual for a Sheamus bout, usually the Celtic Warrior keeps his opponents down with his overbearing power.

Del Rio couldn't manage to gain the victory, though. The Mexican Aristocrat was pinned after his attempt to cheat backfired and Sheamus hit him with an Irish Curse to capture a pinfall.

The Prime Time Players were once again unsuccessful in winning the Tag Team Championships. In Titus O'Neil and Darren Young's first official match since their former manager AW was fired, the Players were the latest victims of the reigning Tag Champs, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston.

Even though the current champions lack the connection that Young and O'Neil have between each other, both teams put on an exciting tag team match. It was unclear who would win until R-Truth hit his finisher and pinned Young, nixing the Players second chance to win the Tag Titles.

Once streak that was broken was The Miz's losing streak. The current Intercontinental Champion retained his title against former World Champion Rey Mysterio after losing his past four matches.

The last two weeks of RAW and SmackDown saw nothing for the Miz but losses. The IC Champion regained his credibility when he pinned Mysterio in what was a high-profile match for the IC Title.

The two men involved were both former World Champions and both superstars have unique styles that work well together. Mysterio, who dressed as Batman, fights a high-flying lucha libre inspired style and The Miz is based more on ground attacks, which mixed together for a very fast paced match ending with Miz pinning Mysterio after a Skull Crushing Finale.

The only title that changed hands at SummerSlam was during the preshow when the former United States Champion Santino Marella lost the belt to Antonio Cesaro. Marella was distracted by Cesaro's manager Aksana, which allowed the rookie Cesaro to hit a front piledriver on Marella and win his championship.

In recent years, the value of the midcard titles, US and IC, have been growing apart. Both belts were equal when they were only available to different rosters, but since the two show system has dwindled over the past year, the IC Title has fallen to rising stars and former World Champions while the US Title has become a belt for rookies and popular superstars who most likely won't ever break into the main event.

Like The Miz, Daniel Bryan broke his long time losing streak by defeating Kane in a match that did not include an appearance by Charlie Sheen. Though Sheen had called out Bryan at RAW 1000, the "Two and a Half Men" star didn't appear at SummerSlam.

It was looking like another Bryan loss until he managed to get the best of Kane by sliding out of position for a Tombstone Piledriver and rolling up Kane in a pin. This comes after weeks of illusions to Bryan having anger management issues in reference to the new Sheen sitcom "Anger Management."

Now that Bryan has won a match the gimmick revolving around his frustrations with losing should be over. It has gotten over with younger fans, but moving forward with it wouldn't work the same now that Bryan's losing streak is over.

The biggest shock of the night was Dolph Ziggler losing his match against Chris Jericho. Ziggler is being groomed to be World Heavyweight Champion since winning the Money in the Bank match. Jericho still managed to win on Sunday despite his plans to leave the company again.

Y2J is going on the road with his band Fozzy and can't wrestle and tour full-time. He has departed twice before and will probably make a third return once he has worked with his heavy metal band and taken some time off.

It is strange that WWE official would make Jericho look good just before departing and make Ziggler look weak as they build him up to be champion. It is possible that Ziggler will fail in his attempt to get the World Title, but it's unlikely since nine out of the 10 Superstars who have cashed in the MITB contract have become champion.

There is the possibility that Jericho will be staying after some of his tour dates were cancled. Ziggler also posted a video to his Tout, a micro video blogging service partnered with WWE, where he claims that Jericho owes him a rematch.

The night also featured a live musical performance by Kevin Rudolph singing his song "Don't Give Up."

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was also in the arena, but as a fan. Durst was supposedly kicked out of the arena after he gave the camera the middle finger while it was focused on him, according to Wrestling Inc.

Durst has disputed the claims over twitter. He wrote "Ya know, I kinda like the rumor. Let's just keep it as is. Love me some @WWE - Time to Rock!!"

Ya know, I kinda like the rumor. Let's just keep it as is. Love me some @wwe - Time to Rock !!

— Fred Durst (@freddurst) August 20, 2012

WWE Superstar Randy Orton was absent from the night's match list, despite being a major audience draw. The Viper has just returned from a six month suspension for violating the wellness policy and will be leaving again to film "12 Rounds: Reloaded" in less than a month, reports to NoDQ. The feeling is that building him up down would be pointless with him taking time off soon.