GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd revealed during the game retailer's most recent earnings call (which you can listen to here) that both the Xbox One and PS4 will be cheaper at launch than past consoles were when they were first released. However, Lloyd did not provide specific pricing information.

Now for some perspective: the Xbox 360 had launch prices of $299 and $399, while the PS3 carried pricetags of $499 and $599 when it was released. So what does this mean for Xbox One and PS4 launch prices? Sure, they'll be lower, which is good news. How much lower is anyone's guess. Considering all the extra gear and features that they come with compared to previous-generation consoles like 4k, DVR, updated cameras, Kinect, vastly improved hardware, games running on significantly prettier graphics engines and more, we expect a $50 price break over the launch prices of the past generation systems at most. If we get a $100 price break, we'll consider ourselves lucky. Anything over that and we'll be dancing in the streets.

Are you happy to learn that the launch prices for the Xbox One and the PS4 will be lower than they were for the Xbox 360 and the PS3? Are you surprised? How much lower do you expect them to be? Sound off in the comments below.