Microsoft addressed the "always-on" issue with respect to the Xbox 720.

Microsoft has begun to construct “the house that Xbox built" for Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal event, according to Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft’s Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 21. Below is a photo of the incomplete structure.

Xbox House
Microsoft is currently building a structure that will house the company's Xbox Reveal event next week.!3523&sff=1&authkey=!ADIBKw9MH6eZFA0

Larry Hryb, director of Programming for Xbox Live, also weighed in on his Twitter account.

“A little over a week away from #XboxReveal & construction is well underway for the briefing space,” Hryb said.

There have been concerns that Microsoft will require the next Xbox to be "always-on." There have been mixed reports on the subject, with some claiming that owners of the new gaming system will be forced to constantly be connected to the Internet in order to use the Xbox in any meaningful way. Other reports have assured that this won't be the case. To this point, nothing conclusive has been revealed. Either way, the wait for answers is almost over. We look forward to covering the Xbox event next week.

Are you looking forward to the event as well? Do you plan to buy the new Xbox when its released? What games do you want to see at launch? Do you think "always-on" is a real possibility or an exaggerated fear? Sound off in the comments below.