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Shay Carl Butler, pictured with Tristan Wilds at the 40th American Music Awards on Nov. 17, 2012 in Los Angeles, has returned to social media. Getty

Shay Carl Butler has decided to return to Twitter. Almost seven months after quitting the social media site by deactivating his account, the Shaytards YouTuber returned this week.

While the family vlogger has yet to post a new update to his page, his return hasn’t gone unnoticed by his fans, fellow vloggers and even his former, alleged online mistress, cam girl Aria Nina.

While Aria, who has been vocal about her online relationship with Shay since his disappearance from the web in February, hasn’t posted a direct tweet about his return, the 18-year-old did retweet fellow YouTuber Keemstar’s welcome back message to the father of five.

Fans have also responded to his Twitter comeback. “I’m excited to see @shaycarl again,” one user wrote. “Aww I’ve missed @shaycarl so much!” said another fan. “Hope you’re doing well missed you and the fan,” reads another comment.

Shay’s return comes shortly after his younger brother, Logan Mckay, announced his engagement. YouTuber Roman Atwood also revealed on Tuesday that the vlogger would take part in his charity demolition derby. Other big internet celebrities attending the derby, previously pegged by Roman as “the biggest Youtube event in history,” include Casey Neistat, RiceGum, Jake Paul, CasparLee and many, many more.

“As of now this list is not in any particular order. We will figure out the heats soon,” Roman tweeted Tuesday of the lineup.

Shay announced his absence from the web on Feb. 12, posting a lengthy statement to Twitter.

“I’ve been lying to myself. My heart is sick. It’s been impossible to keep up this perfect ‘happiness is a choice’ mentality. I can’t do it anymore,” he started his statement. Shay went on to reveal he had been drinking for three months and struggling with alcoholism “for years.” Shay previously addressed his issues with alcohol on his and wife Colette Butler’s podcast “When The Kids Go To Sleep [WTKGTS].”

“I thought I was able to escape addiction & it’s associated demons, but that disease has manifested itself back into my life (due to my decisions) because it is a lifelong disease,” he added. “I hate myself for it. I have not been myself for the past few months.”

Shay said his vlogs were struggling because of his “horrible state” and acknowledged that he had “a problem.”

“This problem has hurt the ones I love most because I delayed the decision to get help,” he wrote. “My wife, friends and family are by my side. My purpose is to rehab. It’s my only priority.”

Shay concluded his post by stating he would not be on the internet during his recovery and apologized for letting his fans down. “I’m sorry I’ve let you down,” he wrote. “I’m sorry I let my family down. I’m sorry I let myself down.”

Prior to Shay’s Twitter comeback, he returned to Instagram in August. He has also made appearance in friend’s YouTube channels and family social media posts.