The Shaytards, once dubbed the first family of YouTube, have disappeared from their popular vlogging channel, leaving their 4.9 million subscribers without a new video since Feb. 10.

Despite the media frenzy that occurred following the reveal of Shay Carl Butler’s cheating scandal in February, some fans of the Butlers remain confused about the vloggers’ disappearance from the site. A quick look at social media shows dozens of inquiries from loyal viewers about where Shay Carl, his wife Colette Butler and their five kids are today.

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While the Butler clan was able to make a living off of YouTube, even getting out of debt from their daily videos and helping family members launch their own YouTube careers, they announced an abrupt leave earlier this year. The reason? Shay revealed on Twitter that he was struggling with alcoholism, a disease he previously admitted to having on his podcast WTKGTS, for three months.

“I have struggled with alcoholism for years,” he wrote in a since deleted tweet, reported by the Idaho State Journal. “I thought I was able to escape addiction & it’s associated demons, but that disease has manifested itself back into my life (due to my decisions) because it is a life long disease.” Shay went on to post that Colette and the rest of his family would be by his side during his treatment.

shay and colette
Shay Carl and Colette Butler have not returned to YouTube since his scandal in February. The couple is pictured at the Streamy Awards in Los Angeles in 2013. Getty Images

One day earlier, cam girl Aria Nina released damaging messages about the vlogger on Twitter and accused him of having a three-month sexual, online relationship with her. Aria also tagged Colette in the messages and started a frenzy among the Shaytards fanbase.

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Shay never addressed the explicit messages personally, but fellow YouTuber Keemstar of Drama Alert claimed Shay confirmed their validity to him.

When Aria went on Drama Alert, she said she decided to expose the romance after Shay treated her poorly. Aria said that Shay acted as if she were “trash and scum of the earth” after she gave him a compliment about his youngest son. “He went on to then get really sexual and then he became really rude,” she continued.

At the time, Aria claimed that Shay was the one who made initial contact with her after thanking her for giving him support online. Shay reportedly told Keemstar it was the other way around with Aria seemingly baiting him into sending the sexual messages.

While Shay and his family have yet to officially return to their Shaytards channel -- their last video, coincidentally enough, is titled “Let’s Disappear For A Year” -- they haven’t been completely absent from the site that made them famous.

Shay and Colette both appeared in their friend Charles Trippy’s wedding video for the popular CTFxC vlogging channel in March. After deleting his Twitter and privating his Instagram, Shay also made a brief return to social media in May, posting an Instagram update on his clothing company, TRIXIN.

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Though Colette has yet to return to her popular series The Mom’s View, which she shares with sister-in-laws Kayli Butler and Carlie Wood, they have said they expect she will make a return in due time.

“At the end of the day family is No. 1 to us no matter what and we support whatever decision that she makes,” Carlie said in a video in March. “We’re just here to support her and love her and even though she can’t be here she sends her love. When she’s ready, she’ll be back.”