Shay Carl
Shay Carl’s cam girl denies she’s pregnant. Pictured: Shay at the 9th annual “Oscar Wild: Honoring the Irish in Film” pre-Academy Awards event on Feb. 27, 2014 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Shay Carl Butler does not have a baby on the way with Aria Nina. At least, that’s the message the adult cam girl had for her fans on Twitter Thursday night.

“The joke about me being pregnant with shaycarl isn’t true,” Aria tweeted. After apologizing to fans, Aria wrote that it would be impossible for her to have conceived a child with the married YouTuber as she hasn’t “had sex in over a year.” It’s unclear where the “joke” about Aria being pregnant originated.

Aria’s comment follows the reveal that she and Shay, 37, had an online relationships for three months. Aria exposed their romance and explicit private messages on Twitter last month after the Shaytards vlogger was allegedly rude to her following a conversation about his youngest son.

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Speaking to YouTuber Keemstar on his show DramaAlert, Aria said their conversations started after she received a direct message from Shay. Keemstar said Shay claims Aria “baited” him into conversation but did confirm the validity of the messages.

“I really looked up to him,” Aria said of her decision to engage with Shay, confirming she would “probably” be intimate with him if given the chance. “I was super excited that he was messaging me.”

One day after Aria’s reveal, Shay announced on Twitter that he would be taking a break from YouTube to seek treatment for his alcoholism. He briefly returned to the network last week for his friend Charles Trippy’s wedding.

Shay has five children with his wife of 14 years, Colette Butler.