Zendaya opened up about finding success early in life and how it can be "nerve-wracking" at a young age. The actor started her career on the Disney channel at the age of 14 and has dipped her toes in other avenues such as dancing and producing while also starring in several big-budget successes on the silver screen.

"It’s something you try to be aware and conscious of but also not think about, so that you don’t get too in your head," Zendaya told Vogue Italia in an interview published Tuesday. "It can be scary and nerve-wracking because then there comes the pressure and you wanna do it the right way."

The 25-year-old actress went on to share that she feels "incredibly grateful to be in this position" and explained, "Without the women of the past, especially, iconic Black women who have done what I’ve done before, I wouldn’t be able to exist in this space."

Zendaya shared that her goal is to make things easier for the next person with every new accomplishment of hers.

"So, with every new accomplishment, with every new thing I learn, I hope that I can be a part of paying that forward and hopefully it’ll be easier for the next person."

The actress also spoke about her TV series, "Euphoria," which revolves around a group of teenagers, who are struggling with social media, drugs and love.

"I had so many people reach out and share their experiences of connecting with it [Euphoria], in the sense of loss or addiction or grief or mental illness and their struggles with that," she shared.

Apart from her work, she also shared how grateful she is to her fans for being "respectful" of her "boundaries" when it comes to her private life.

"They want me to be happy and I genuinely feel that from them," she said. "They’re really respectful of my boundaries and the things that I choose to keep a little bit more private and keep for myself."

Zendaya is dating her "Spider-Man: No Way Home" co-star Tom Holland.

On the work front, she has been a regular on "Euphoria" since 2019. Zendaya is currently filming a drama movie, "Challengers," which is helmed by director Luca Guadagnino. She will also reprise Chani's character in the upcoming movie, "Dune: Part Two."

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - OCTOBER 04: (EDITORS NOTE : This image has been converted to black and white.) Zendaya attends the "Le Mans '66" premiere during the 15th Zurich Film Festival at Kino Corso on October 04, 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for ZFF) Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for ZFF