• Zerobaseone was met by a huge crowd at the airport
  • Concerned fans demand better security for the group
  • The nine-member group is slated to debut on July 10

Zerobaseone members were mobbed by a huge crowd at the airport, leaving fans concerned for their safety.

After returning from Jeju Island on Monday evening, the nine members of Zerobaseone were met by a huge crowd at the Gimpo International Airport.

As seen in the video by NewsenTV, the members got pushed as they tried to hold on to each other for safety. As soon as the group arrived at the airport, some people from the crowd failed to maintain order as they tried to get closer to the group.

Other videos taken from different angles also showed how the members got separated from each other because of the pushing. Member Han Yu Jin even fell.

The members were followed by the airport crowd until they got to their respective vans.

A fan by the username @haojuism took to Twitter to share their account of the airport fiasco.

According to the uploader, members Matthew and Tae Rae were counted as safe from the mob as they went ahead and didn't get separated from most of their staff.

Yu Jin, Gyu Vin, Hao and Han Bin allegedly got separated when a girl bulldozed her way between them, but the uploader stated that it isn't 100% clear whether the girl was a staff.

According to another tweet, the girl was reportedly a staff and was just trying to pick up the boys' passports so they could go ahead to their respective vans.

The uploader continued that Han Bin tried to grab onto Gyu Vin but was still separated because of the huge crowd. Yu Jin, on the other hand, was pushed. Hao reportedly stayed behind to help Yu Jin walk after he nearly fell.

Because of the huge crowd, Gun Wook, Ricky and Ji Woong reportedly got to their vans last.
After seeing the videos, fans and netizens expressed concern for the Zerobaseone members' safety.

"It's so crazy to watch. They haven't released an album or a single, and the public interest is so great. I hope everyone is well. Security should be tighter next time. Be it more security or barriers so that the members can at least walk normally," one commented on YouTube.

"I've felt suffocated, anxious and hurt while watching this. Why do they have to deal with this every time? The members are probably worn out and on the verge of passing out, and for a split second, I thought Yu [J]in and Han [B]in had lost consciousness. I'm not saying [W]akeone isn't doing its job, but we all know that ZB1 is popular not just in South Korea but [also] globally. [T]herefore, the company should step up [its] game to meet their demands, especially the members' safety," commented another.

Fans also demanded better security for the group, tagging Wake One on Twitter with the hashtag #PROTECTZB1.

"Next time, have this ready for @ZB1_official. Protect your artists, @wakeone_offcl," tweeted one fan.

Another fan account called out the group's agency and tweeted, "Protect your artists, @wakeone_offcl. PROTECT ZB1"

The nine members of Zerobaseone and the Wake One Entertainment staff departed for Jeju Island via domestic flights at Gimpo International on Sunday to film an upcoming reality series.

Compared to the members' arrival on Monday evening, the airport crowd during their departure on Sunday morning looked more controlled and less crowded.

The new K-pop boy group is slated to make its highly anticipated debut on July 10, nearly three months after its formation on the hit reality TV show "Boys Planet."