Carl Jacquneaux
As the "Zombie Apocalypse" continues to wreak havoc across the United States, police in Louisiana arrested Carl Jacquneaux after he bit a chunk of the face of another man. Lafayette Parish Jail

As the Zombie Apocalypse continues to wreak havoc across the United States -- at least in the popular imagination -- police in Louisiana arrested Carl Jacquneaux after he bit a chunk of the face of another man.

Members of the Scott Police Department apprehended the 43-year-old suspect over the weekend after they discovered he attacked the other man, Todd Credeur.

During the attack, the suspect bit a chunk of the victim's face off, said Assistant Police Chief Kert Thomas, reported KATC.

Credeur and Jacquneaux were reportedly upset over a domestic issue. While Credeur did not want to go on the record with a statement, he told KATC that he was cleaning his front yard when Jacqueneaux showed up and began attacking him, biting off a chunk of his face.

Credeur said he then sprayed wasp repellent in Jacquneaux's face to fend him off.

When officers discovered Credeur, they found him with several lacerations to his facial area along with a gaping wound underneath the left eye. He was taken to a hospital, where he is recovering, reported The Smoking Gun.

According to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun, Jacquneaux left Credeur's house and showed up at Billy Louviere's residence in Carencro. Louviere said Jacquneaux forced his way into the home, held him at knifepoint and demanded that Louviere turn over his father's handgun.

I will kill you if you don't tell me where you dad's gun is, Jacquneaux told Louviere, according to police documents.

He left with his weapon and fled to the end of Amesbury Drive. Police were able to track him down and apprehended him without incident.

Very unusual, it's not something we see every day, said Thomas, reported the Shreveport Times.

While police are still investigating the incident, they believe the attacker's unusual behavior could have been caused by illegal narcotics. Sheriff's deputies said they believe Jacquneaux was under the influence of some sort of drug. An unidentified friend of Credeur's said she believes Jacquneaux was using bath salts at the time of the incident.

Thomas said that in light of recent incidents like the cannibal attack in Miami, bath salts are extremely dangerous, a lot more dangerous than some of the drugs on the street, reported KATC.

However, Jacquneaux was never administered a blood test so police cannot prove he was under the influence of bath salts.

Jacquneaux is charged with aggravated burglary, simple battery of the infirm, violation of probation, aggravated second degree battery and violation of protective orders, according to KATC. He is being held in the Lafayette Parish Jail on a $312,500 bond.