A new video titled Naked Indiana Zombie Attacks 3 Cops 'Ninja Style,' Escapes After Being Continuously Tasered has been posted on YouTube amid the zombie apocalypse rage. Though the man is described as a zombie for his subhuman strength and impressive fight against the officers, he did not viciously attack or kill anyone in the same fashion as other men who have been recently dubbed zombies.

When David Martin was being arrested by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers, he morphed into a mix of ninja and zombie, using ninja style moves to evade officers and not react to the pain of a stun gun like a zombie.

The footage of the altercation was posted on LiveLeak Friday when Martin was walking down an Indiana street nude and punching people during his night-time attack on May 20, according to Fox 59.

The video was posted to YouTube on Sunday and has had over 65 thousand views.

The clip is described as, A rampaging naked man used 'ninja-style' moves to repeatedly escape being pinned down by three police officers -- even after they tasered him, with Incredible footage [that] shows the man storming down busy Indianapolis streets lashing out at anyone who approaches him before the officers catch up with him.

Authorities were called to detain the man when he received a report that a naked man was standing in the middle of the street and yelling at vehicles that passed by, according to a police report.

Officers observed Martin, 27, punching several people, and according to the police report, Martin approached an officer who instantly used a stun gun because he was afraid of being attack by the irate naked man.

But the stun gun did not affect Martin, as can be seen in the YouTube video. While police tried to restrain the ninja zombie, he attacked several officers.

This guy's like a ninja, man. Holy s--t! the narrator filming the video says.

No way! That guy's strong, he's got to be on something, the narrator adds.

When the cops seemed to finally get control of Martin he broke free and was ultimately caught with the help of bystanders, the Daily News reported.

Most of the users who commented on the YouTube clip made jokes about the footage.

It was a full moon last night, too. Drugged? up, demon possessed, ninja warrior. Seriously, did they even catch that guy? Dude was outta there like being tazed was giving him a boost, lol, Adino1 said.

According to a police report Martin was taken to Wishard Hospital where he admitted to authorities he had taken Spice, a synthetic marijuana, earlier in the evening.

The ninja zombie was arrested and charged with battery, resisting law enforcement and public indecency, Fox 59 said.