• The man's death was presumed to be due to a seizure
  • CCTV visuals showed a man entering the house the night
  • The woman admitted she and her lover killed her husband

The death of a 40-year-old man presumed to be due to an epileptic attack, was reportedly a murder, a shocking remark made by his 10-year-old son revealed.

N Raghavendra, hailing from the Indian city of Bengaluru, was found dead in his house on Dec. 27, reported News 18.

His wife Shylaja, 30, who spotted the lifeless body, immediately rang up his relatives. According to her, the man collapsed from a seizure. Though the man was rushed to the hospital, he was declared dead on arrival.

The family then went ahead and performed his last rites. A prayer meeting was held last week, during which the child accidentally confessed to his grandfather there was "another person in the house" the day his father died.

The child recalled waking up at night on hearing noises and finding his mother and grandmother pinning down his father, while the "person" hit Raghavendra's head with an object. The child questioned his mother, but was asked to go back to bed.

The grandfather alerted his elder son Chandrasekhar, brother of the deceased, about the revelation. They decided to delve deep into it. Chandrasekhar approached the factory where the deceased worked as the CCTV visuals from the factory showed the front entrance of Raghavendra's house.

The footage revealed a man entering the house late at night on Dec. 27. Convinced the child had spoken the truth, he produced the visuals before the police, and filed a complaint seeking an inquiry into his brother's death, media outlet Deccan Herald reported.

The police then questioned Shailaja, who confessed to the crime. She reportedly told the officers that her lover had arrived at the home that night, and together they murdered Raghavendra. The woman said her husband got wind of her affair and questioned her, following which they decided to murder the man. She also confessed that her mother helped her in the act. The police arrested all three and charged them with murder.

In a similar case, a woman and her lover were arrested for allegedly bludgeoning the woman’s husband to death. The incident happened in the Indian city of Bengaluru in November. The police investigation revealed the accused, Nethra, was having an affair with a man she met online. Her husband found out about the affair, following which she and her lover decided to murder him.

Representation. Pixabay