• The girl was charged with first-degree murder
  • The exact cause of death was not revealed
  • The police said it did not involve the use of any dangerous weapon

A 12-year-old Louisiana girl was arrested for murdering her 6-month-old brother, authorities said Thursday.

Paramedics responded to an emergency call from a home in Luling on Nov. 15 and found the 6-month-old baby not breathing. Although they performed life-saving measures, the baby could not be revived.

The infant's sister was arrested Monday after the autopsy report determined the child's death was a homicide. The girl was charged with first-degree murder under Louisiana State Law. The girl was transported to a juvenile housing facility after the arrest, St Charles Parish Sheriff's Office said in a statement Thursday.

As investigations were underway, the police waited three days to release details about the homicide and arrest. They also waited so they could notify the relatives and the court system as the case involved juveniles.

In a statement on Thursday, Sheriff Greg Champagne described it as a "horrific and tragic situation," local daily The New Orleans Advocate reported. Although the exact cause of the death was not revealed, he said that the homicide did not involve the use of any dangerous weapon.

He refused to comment further as both the victim and suspect were juveniles. Police also did not name the victim or the accused.

The children's aunt, who used to babysit them, described the 6-month-old as a "beautiful perfect boy." She said the 12-year-old sister loved her brother.

Calling it a tragic event that devastated the entire family, she said she didn't want people to be judgmental about the family. "This is a mother who's lost two children, not just one. That's both of her children," the woman said, reported 4WWL.

According to Louisiana state law, if the girl is convicted, she would face a juvenile life sentence in a confinement at a secure facility until she turns 21.

The paramedics found the baby was not breathing and could not revive him. pixabay