“13 Reasons Why” star Dylan Minnette recently dropped his first single, “Pleaser,” with his band, Wallows.

On his Twitter account, the actor, who played the role of Clay Jensen in “13 Reasons Why,” shared a link to their song posted on Soundcloud. According to Entertainment Weekly, Wallows’ song is about a guy with an unrequited crush on a girl. However, the lyrics of Minnette’s song may not exactly resonate with what his character experienced in the hit Netflix series.

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In the show, Clay was attracted to a girl named Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). The latter reciprocated his feelings in her own way, but they never became an actual couple. Clay was one of the people in Hannah’s tapes with whom she wanted to share her story. Hannah committed suicide in the series by slashing her wrists with a blade.

After Netflix streamed “13 Reasons Why,” rumors swirled that a second season may also be a go. Most recently, a fan theory about Alex (Miles Heizer) is making rounds on the Internet. According to E! News, one fan believes that Alex did not really commit suicide. In the final episode of “13 Reasons Why,” it was revealed that Alex has died, but it was never explained how this happened. Viewers simply assumed that he killed himself because of all of the stress he experienced while dealing with Hannah’s death.

However, it is believed that Alex was killed by Tyler (Devin Druid). Both of them are also in Hannah’s tapes and contributed to her breakdown. But Tyler wanted to reach out to Alex, and he refused. In one of the scenes, Tyler carried a gun with him and pulled Alex’s photo from the red room. It is possible that he decided to shoot him and then framed Alex for murder.

“13 Reasons Why” started streaming on Netflix on March 31.