Oakland Shooting
A police armored vehicle drives by what appears to be covered dead bodies following a multiple shooting in Oakland on Monday. REUTERS/

Seven people were killed and three wounded in a shooting rampage at a religious college in Oakland, Calif., Monday, police said.

Witnesses told Reuters he said: Get in line ... I'm going to kill you all.

A law-enforcement source close to the investigation told the San Francisco Chronicle that the suspect, who was captured hours later, is 43-year-old One Goh of Oakland.

The suspect used a .45-caliber handgun, spraying a classroom with gunfire and firing additional shots as he ran out, said the source, who did not wish to be identified as the investigation continues.

Goh had been a nursing student at Oikos University in East Oakland, and there was some kind of dispute that may have resulted in him getting kicked out of at least one class, the source said.

Police captured the suspected gunman inside an Alameda grocery store five miles away from the shooting site at Oikos University after he allegedly walked to the customer service counter and told employees, I just shot some people.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan told NBC Bay Area that most, if not all of the victims were Korean nationals and that she has been working with the South Korean Consulate to help identify the bodies.

Today's unprecedented tragedy was shocking and senseless, Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said.

Jordan said they would not name the victims Monday.

Local media reported that police, fire crews and SWAT officers responded to several shootings at the Oikos University building shortly after 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

A suspect was taken into custody at a shopping center at 12:20 p.m., KCBS reported. According to the Los Angeles Times the suspect is now being by the police after being detained several miles away in Alameda.

Police would not release the suspect's name or confirm his relationship to his victims or Oikos University in East Oakland, but KTVU-TV reported that he was a student.

Pastor Jong Kim, who founded the school about 10 years ago, told the Oakland Tribune that the shooter was a nursing student who was no longer enrolled. He did not know if the shooter was expelled or dropped out, CBS reported.

Gunfire erupted inside the single-story building that houses the private Christian college about 10:30 a.m. (1:30 p.m. ET), according to Lucas Garcia, who was teaching an English class when it began.

Garcia told CNN affiliate KGO-TV that he counted about six gunshots from a nearby nursing classroom when he heard someone yell, He's got a gun.

Garcia evacuated his students from the building while the gunfire continued, he said.

Tashi Wangchuk, whose wife attended the school and witnessed the shooting, told the Associated Press he was told by police that the gunman first shot a woman at the front desk, then continued shooting randomly in classrooms.

Wangchuk said his wife, Dechen Wangzom, was in her vocational nursing class when she heard gunshots. She locked the door and turned off the lights, Wangchuk said he was told by his wife, who was still being questioned by police Monday afternoon.

The gunman banged on the door several times and started shooting outside and left, he said. Wangchuk said no one was hurt inside his wife's classroom, but that the gunman shot out the glass in the door. He said she did not know the man.

She's a hero, he said.

Angie Johnson, 52, told the San Francisco Chronicle that she saw a young woman leave the building with blood coming from her arm and crying: I've been shot. I've been shot.

The injured woman said the shooter was a man in her nursing class who got up and shot one person at point-blank range in the chest before spraying the room with bullets, Johnson said.

According to the police department's Twitter feed no imminent public safety threat appears to exist. Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson confirmed to the news media that one suspect had been detained.

Pastor Jong Kim, who founded the school about 10 years ago, told the Oakland Tribune that he heard about 30 gunshots in the building.

I stayed in my office, he said.

Dramatic live television footage showed officers swarming around the small Christian university, with some appearing to enter the main building.

Pictures from the scene showed several bodies lying under white blankets on the ground near police vehicles.

According to its website, Oikos University is a Christian school that offers classes in nursing, theology and music and also has a campus in South Korea.

Oikos is a word from the ancient Greek language meaning home.

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