In a horrific incident, a man in India hacked his daughter-in-law and his tenant to death Tuesday as he suspected the two were having an affair. He also murdered the tenant's wife and 9-year-old child.

The accused, identified as Rao Rai Singh, used a sharp-edged weapon to kill his daughter-in-law, Sunita, and his tenant, Krishan Kumar. He also attacked Kumar's wife and two children. Only the younger child, a 3-year-old girl, survived the attack. She was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police officers found Kumar lying on the floor in a pool of blood while his wife and two children were on the bed.

The incident took place in the northern Indian state of Haryana. Police detained Singh, who was an ex-Army officer, Tuesday.

"Four dead bodies were recovered from the upper portion of the house. Prima facie, it appears that they were killed using a sharp weapon. The accused has been rounded up," Deputy Commissioner of Police (West Gurgaon) Deepak Saharan told reporters, NDTV reported.

The family had moved in only four months ago and was allegedly having some disagreement over their rent agreement. Singh was furious with the tenant's family as he suspected his daughter-in-law was having an affair.

Detectives said Singh first murdered his daughter-in-law before going to his tenant's house. The broken latches on the door showed that he entered the house by force.

"There were multiple injury marks on the upper body of the victims. It seems the suspect swung the sickle freely and attacked whoever came in the way," said senior police officer Rajeev Yadav, reported the Times of India.

Sunita's son, who was a lawyer, was not home at the time.

"His phone location will be checked to establish his whereabouts," another officer said. "This is a cold-blooded, gruesome murder. There are signs of injuries on bodies that appear to have been caused after death... The suspect has told the police that he kept stabbing his victims."

crime scene
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