Sharlotte Hydorn opened the door Wednesday morning to her surprise to find federal agents carrying a warrant. They then began seizing boxes of suicide kits from her home.

The federal agents barged into Hydorn's home and spent 10 hours carrying boxes out of the house. Among the boxes of stuff confiscated were 20 suicide kits what were ready to be mailed out, computers and sewing machine.

Hydorn, 91, from El Cajon, California, is founder and owner of The Gladd Group, a company that sells suicide kits online for $60. The kit includes a plastic bag and clear tubing,

Hydorn just wants the terminally ill to be able to end life on their own terms when they are ready.

The 91-year-old has also been corresponding with a group of 3,000 members worldwide that provides support to people seeking to end their lives.

Hydorn's business is not considered illegal in California because of a loophole in the law - she is not present when the person takes his/her own life.

A roughly 15-page search and seize warrant signed by a judge from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California was handed to Hydorn on Wednesday. The contents of the warrant have not been disclosed.

Special Agent Darrell Foxworth, of the FBI's San Diego office, said We served a federal search warrant authorized by a federal judge in connection with a criminal matter. It's an ongoing investigation.

Hydorn plans to seek legal counsel.