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Abby Lee Miller, pictured at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in LA on March 5, 2017, recently posted some throwback photos of her former student Maddie Ziegler, photographed at Whispers From Children’s Heats Foundation Legacy Charity Gala in Santa Monica, California, on March 24, 2017. Getty Images

Abby Lee Miller’s decision to reminisce about her “Dance Moms” days resulted in her getting slammed on social media. Following two recent posts by the Lifetime star about her former students and docuseries co-stars, fans skewered the dance teacher for living in the past.

Days after claiming to have set up Maddie Ziegler with now boyfriend Jack Kelly, Abby posted more throwback photos of her former star pupil with her past teammates on Instagram. “Silly moments during our second trip to Australia,” Abby captioned a shot of Maddie, now 14, posing with her sister Mackenzie Ziegler and dancers Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker years priors. “After at least 500 pics with dancers attending one of our events we were all a bit delirious,” she continued.

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Abby’s decision to post the picture and tag her former students in the image resulted in some negative comments from fans. “When you’re becoming irrelevant,” reads one comment. “Why does she keep doing throwbacks? They don’t talk to her anymore,” asked another fan.

“It’s really creepy that she’s still tagging them when they made it clear that they are done with her,” wrote one user.

“They’ve all moved on you should too. Quit posting pictures of them,” advised another viewer.

Not everyone was against Miller posting the photo, however. Many slammed the “Dance Moms” stars of years past for not acknowledging their coach, calling them “ungrateful” in the comments.

“It is SO sad that NONE of them takes the time to acknowledge you,” wrote one fan in defense of Abby. “You’re certainly not perfect but no one would know them if it wasn’t for your work,” said another.

“Regardless of their relationship now she gave those kids a platform and they wouldn’t have all they do now if they didn’t dance at that studio. Parting ways is a part of life but I hope they never forget where they came from and who gave them a platform to build on,” reads one comment.

Abby seemingly ignored the hate and two days later, posted a 2015 shot of Maddie and Kendall posing for a selfie. “I like you Abby, but I think it’s time to end that chapter of your lie and move on,” wrote a fan in response to the second post. “Abby, honey, we know you made those girls famous and well known but let them go,” reads another comment.


@maddieziegler right beside @kendallvertes circa 2015 AU #dancemoms #aldcalways #aldctunes #ALDC #aldcla

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Abby’s controversial throwback photos follow her decision to post an old image of Maddie with her boyfriend, Australian teen Jack Kelly. “I remember the day I introduced [Maddie] to [Jack]” Abby wrote on Instagram earlier this month. “Came across some old pics! This was the beginning... Two Too Cute! Who would’ve thunk it? Lol! Me!”

Maddie and Jack did not directly respond to Abby’s claims she set them up, but they did post about their relationship following her comments. Ahead of their long-awaited reunion, Jack and Maddie shared the same selfie of them together on Instagram. “See this cutie very soon” Jack captioned the picture while Maddie wrote “I SEE YOU SOON” on her account.