London witnessed a weekend of rioting after the shooting of Mark Duggen by police on August 4. A peaceful protest on Saturday turned violent by Sunday.

London braced on Sunday for more violence after some of the worst riots seen in the British capital for years which politicians and police blamed on criminal thugs but residents attributed to local tensions and anger over hardship.

Rioters throwing petrol bombs rampaged overnight through an economically deprived district, setting police patrol cars, buildings and a double-decker bus on fire.

Meanwhile, British police have arrested over 160 people, according to Associated Press. The violence erupted in the north London suburb of Tottenham on Saturday night amid community anger over a fatal police shooting.

London police told AP that groups of young people looted shops in some parts of London, attacked police officers and set fire to vehicles. Around 35 police officers were injured.

Police have condemned the riots as "outrageous". Police have also launched an investigation into the riots on Saturday, codenamed operation Withern. An Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation into Duggen's death has been launched.

"So far there have been 16 charges (burglary, points and blades, theft, POCA, violent disorder), 11 awaiting CPS advice, 17 bailed, one caution, one sectioned under the Mental Health Act and there are 15 ongoing enquiries," Metropolitan Police Commander Christine Jones said in a statement.

"Officers are shocked at the outrageous level of violence directed against them. We will not tolerate this disgraceful violence. The investigation continues to bring these criminals to justice," Jones added.

Take a glimpse of the aftermath photos of London Riots: