Amber Cole, the 14-year-old girl who became an Internet sensation worldwide on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube after allegedly being caught performing oral sex on her ex-boyfriend, may be desperate for attention, one expert says.

It has been rumored Cole gave her ex-boyfriend the sexual favor in an effort to win him back. Their private sexual act was filmed on school grounds and found its way onto the Internet, after which two boys were reportedly arrested because of the video, which is considered child pornography.

Numerous Web sites have reported that even after the embarrassing incident, Cole used her Facebook and Twitter accounts to discuss it. She was allegedly the source who let media outlets know that two people were arrested in the case and has said she couldn't wait to press charges.

On Friday, however, it was reported that Cole quickly changed course and has apologized to the boys who were allegedly in the video that led to her being bullied and scrutinized online.

According to LALate, Cole allegedly told the boys that she loves them.

So what if [first boy] exposed me. It doesn't change my feeling towards him. I love him with everything and will always be here for him, Cole tweeted on Friday, according to LALate.

I miss him, she continued. I love you both ... you both will forever be in my heart.

I just want these 2 boys in my life and I'm good, Cole's alleged tweets continued.

The celebrity gossip Web site reported that Dr. Phoenyx Austin, a physician, writer, and media personality, has commented on Cole's self-esteem: [Amber's] actions clearly display that she is so desperate for ANY form of male validation and love that she would degrade herself to this degree.

As for the boy, or boys, who are no more than parasites, I sincerely hope that they are dealt with by karma's hand -- and maybe even a male relative that decides to step up to the plate. This is not boys being boys. Their actions were cruel and sick. And you can tell everything about an individual's soul based on how they treat someone they don't have to treat well.

Cole's video has sparked a national outcry to stop bullying. Many teenagers have chimed in about the incident, some offering support and others scrutinizing.

One teen, Jordann Marie, created a Leave Amber Cole Alone video that went viral on YouTube right after it was released, and has more than 1 million views.

Y'all over here talking 'bout this girl like she did a crime or something. Y'all need to stop. Leave Amber Cole alone, Marie cried in the video. Y'all over here making fun of a girl because she likes to do a little head work in places. There's nothing wrong with that ... I don't understand.

It has been reported that Cole has changed schools since the incident.

Cole tweeted on Oct. 20 that she was in thee main office at my new school about to get a ghost student to show me around. iguess this goin be fun.