After the video prompted a national rally against teen bullying, Amber Cole told her followers on Twitter that the two teens allegedly involved with the video have now been arrested.

Cole fought back rather than remaining silent, which lead to an online movement against teen bullying.

Can't wait to press charges on the three boys tomorrow who were involved in the video, Cole tweeted on Tuesday.

Earlier Cole denied the reports of her suicide and tweeted, “I am not fucking dead please stop spreading rumors I wouldn’t kill myself and make my family go through that.”

The video in which 14-year-old Cole was taped in flagrante delicto while performing oral sex on her ex-boyfriend went viral on online.

According to a Web site, the intimate act happened outside the school building. The video has become the most widely shared child porn in the U.S. history.

There have been a lot of people who came out in support of Cole. A teenage girl of Cole’s age also posted a video titled Leave Amber Cole Alone which went online on Wednesday.

However, on Wednesday, Cole tweeted: people are not supporting for wat i did they supporting me to stay strong. I neve(r) (k)new it was so many ignorant people in this world.

As soon as the video was uploaded, Cole became a trending name on the Internet, which also generated a topic of discussion on teen bullying and child porn on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and videos on YouTube.

After the arrest of the two boys Cole tweeted, “[they] are the worst people God has created. Someone needs to stop them now, before it’s another victim like me.”

Cole changed her school after the incident and told her fans that she went to new school this morning.

The local law enforcement officials have not verified the arrests as of Thursday morning.