The Amber Cole video has received a great deal of attention on Twitter and Facebook, with both supporters and finger-waggers expressing their opinions on the 14-year-old girl who was filmed performing oral sex.

Several pages on Facebook have been dedicated to Cole. Thousands of comments have been posted, much of them obscene, some of them constructive.

Take the Facebook page entitled I Support Amber Cole, for example.

Theres a bigger meaning behind amber cole story ladies...guys are grimmy but he was only a child at the same time..., one person wrote on this page.

Posted another: sweetheart i just want to say some positive things to you... you did what u did and it is over... God has already forgiven u sweety so dont let any one steal your joy... pray and keep moving forward, it might not seem easy to do now but i can Bet u wen u pray,, u will be strong in the end... love u sweetie and God bless.

Another person posted the following on the support page: i just think that everyone should let it go b4 something get out of hand and she is choosing to take her life because of this. she is a person like everyone else. dont make her feel low when shes already doing that to herself people make mistakes just move on.

Twitter buzzed Wednesday morning with comments on Cole.

Tweeted one woman: the only time il do amber Cole is in the comfort of my own room with my bf after I receive my share first.

Some Twitter users were sympathetic.

Tweeted another: wow @ this amber cole girl. Its sad ...our youth. I wonder if she has a father in her life.

Others were surprised that Cole was still a topic of discussion.

Tweeted a woman: woww pple still talking about amber cole?