After nine seasons on the air, “American Horror Story” has earned millions of loyal fans. While viewers love the unique twists packaged into each season of the FX anthology series, fans can’t seem to agree on which season is the best.

On Thursday, “American Horror Story,” “Murder House” and “ Coven” began trending on Twitter with fans ranking the seasons. While many fans appeared set on naming Season 1 and Season 3 as the best in the “AHS” universe, they may be surprised to know that Season 9 was actually the highest-rated season.

“American Horror Story: 1984” received an 87% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“'American Horror Story: 1984' wrapped up its nine-episode season...which-despite some spectacular moments of bloodshed-pulled the ultimate AHS bait-and-switch and gave its delightfully entertaining slasher story a most unexpected ending,” Cheryl Eddy from wrote in her review of the show.

Meanwhile, “American Horror Story: Hotel” was the lowest-ranked season, only receiving only a 64% fresh rating. "Murder House" and “Coven” both earned 72 and 83% fresh ratings from critics.

“There are aspects of Coven that are stylish and clever, and others that are just Carrie on steroids. The cast, of course, is tremendous,” Ellen Gray from Philadelphia Daily News said in a review.

Over the years, “American Horror Story” has been recognized for its eccentric contribution to television, earning Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, and Primetime Emmy Awards.

However, among audiences, “American Horror Story: Asylum” had the highest rating at 89%, while “American Horror Story: Cult” had the lowest ratings at 51%.

American Horror Story: 1984
Brooke (Emma Roberts) fears she will face a gruesome end on “American Horror Story: 1984” episode 2. Kurt Iswarienko/FX