Sue Simmons, the veteran news anchor of the NBC New York affiliate WNBC, will reportedly be let go from the show. Station heads will not be renewing her contract in June, when it expires.

Since starting at Channel 4 in 1980, Simmons has four Emmy awards and is the highest paid anchorwoman at any local station throughout the nation, reported NY Post. Reports indicate that I was NBC's decisions to not renew her contract.

Her co-anchor, Chuck Scarborough, was granted three more years. She was reportedly told by a senior executive at the station that this was going to happen.

In January, Simmons was removed from the 6 p.m. broadcast, only working with 11 o'clock show with Scarborough.

Fans took to Twitter showing their support for Sue Simmons. He name became a trending topic in New York.

Watch this and tell me Sue Simmons shouldn't stay on NBC another DECADE!, wrote singer and actress user Martha Plimpton.

There's always a place for you in LA, Sue Simmons..., wrote Twitter user Michael O'Connel.

if Sue Simmons leaves @ncbnewyork, so will I and many others, wrote Daniella Jackson.

Fans were also using the hashtag SaveSueSimmons to show support.

#SaveSueSimmons! She's a veteran newsperson. She knows the scene, wrote Alex Barnett.

One of my first live news interviews was with the lovely Sue Simmons, when I was 24 years old. Bring her back, WNBC! #SaveSueSimmons, wrote Tom Dolby.

In response to Simmons' possible departure, WNBC released a statement.

We have tremendous respect and admiration for Sue Simmons, the statement said, according to the New York Times. For decades, Sue has been a critical part of New York's longest-tenured anchor team in the city and has more than earned her iconic status.

Simmons made headlines when she cursed on air in 2008, accidently saying What the f---- are you doing?