Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie
Is KRS36B a build number for Android 5.0? Manu Cornet, Google+

Google Android users have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Android 5.0, allegedly called Key Lime Pie. While Android 4.0 Jelly Bean has been successful and is becoming increasingly popular, most Android users are still looking forward to Key Lime Pie. Rumors indicate a more stable operating system, and hopefully it will be compatible with more Android devices than Jelly Bean was when it was initially released last summer. It seems like the official unveiling of Android 5.0 might be accompanied by some other surprises as well, including new Nexus tablets and the rumored Motorola X.

Dozens of blogs and websites have been theorizing about the possible existence of the Motorola X. While it’s risky for Google to potentially jeopardize its relationship with partners like LG, HTC and Samsung, a Google-produced phone is certainly a lucrative idea, and Google would also be taking advantage of its relationship with Motorola Mobility, which Google bought out in May 2012 for $12.5 billion. While Motorola Mobility’s patents have protected Google from the Apple-Samsung legal battle that made headline news in 2012, Google hasn’t really done much else with it after the acquisition.

According to, which claims to have a source with knowledge about the Motorola X, an early prototype is already being tested internally, and it seems the phone fixes two key issues most smartphones have today: durability and battery life. While the report lacked details about the ruggedness of the phone, the source did mention that the Motorola X’s battery life was tested by running GPS software, which takes a heavy toll on battery life, for several hours.

In addition, rumors indicate the Motorola X might be stacked with advanced hardware chips and an elegant, edge-to-edge, almost bezel-free display design. The phone will allegedly have a 4.8-inch or 5-inch screen size, a quad-core processor and possibly even a microSD card slot that bumps storage up to an incredible 128 GB. If the Motorola X manages to get its storage space up to 128 GB, the same storage size of the newest iPad, the phone may be worth the rumored $300 price tag.

But what about Key Lime Pie? Don’t worry, according to Internet rumors. The Motorola X will be the first phone to ship with Android 5.0, which may be announced as soon as Google’s annual I/O conference in May. Recently, leaked Qualcomm documents indicated that Key Lime Pie is set to be released this spring, more specifically, sometime in May.

Google I/O is the best place for Google to unveil both Key Lime Pie and the Motorola X. In the past, Google unveiled its newest update to the Android mobile operating system when it released Nexus devices, and, just last year, Google revealed Android 4.0 Jelly Bean to the world at Google I/O 2012. The company is unlikely to break the trend if it does release Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and the Motorola X sometime in the near future.

But, before Android 5.0 is released, our sources at Google say a final Jelly Bean update, called Android 4.2.2, is being tested internally and will be out in a few weeks.