Appafire and Kindle Fire logos
Appafire and Kindle Fire logos

Appsfire co-founder Ouriel Ohayon is claiming that Amazon's Kindle Fire logo looks exactly like his company's own logo.

Appsfire allows users to share their favorite apps with friends.

Yes, it looks exactly like our own logo, Ohayon wrote in a blog post. So, ok. We're a small startup with only 3 million users and some PR coverage all around the world. But we still feel that something is wrong there.

Ohayon claims that the font type, the color code and even clear/dark background combination of the logo looks pretty familiar.

Believe us... we really don't have the time to mess around with minor issues - we're too busy right now- but we love our logo and we want it to be unique enough, he wrote. We do not have the same *fire*power as Amazon (pun intended), but we did make sure not to infringe on anyone's property when we designed our logo.

Amazon announced the Kindle Fire, a new color touchscreen reader with apps, two days ago. It is priced at $199 and will be released on Nov. 15. Pre-orders for the Kindle Fire are already underway.

Ohayon also stated in the post that the probability of having a logo resembling in a related space is so small

And obviously Kindle does not need our logo to be a successful product, he wrote. At this point we don't know how this could have happened. Chance? Did we upset Amazon with our post on their Appstore?

Ohayon said his company will reach out to Amazon to find out what it has to say about the similarities, Unless they reach out before.

There's no word yet from Amazon.

What do you think about the logos?