‘Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica’
Gotham’s Harley and Ivy will kidnap Riverdale’s Betty and Veronica in the upcoming comic book series, “Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica.” DC and Archie Comics

“Archie” comic book characters Betty and Veronica will come face-to-face with Harley and Ivy from Gotham in the upcoming series, “Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the new collection will consist of six issues of DC and “Archie” comic books co-created by Marc Andreyko and Paul Dini. The illustrations in all six comic books will be done by artist Laura Braga. Dini, who originally created the character Harley Quinn in “Batman: The Animated Series,” was also the one responsible for establishing Harley’s flirty relationship with Poison Ivy.

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In the upcoming six-issue crossover, Harley and Ivy will be pitted against Riverdale’s equally competitive duo, Betty and Veronica. The two women from Gotham City will kidnap Betty and Veronica after they discover that there’s a proposal to drain the wetlands between the two cities.

“It’s the sort of offer you scream out ‘Yes!’ to before your eyes reach the middle of the email. I’ve always wanted the chance to play in Riverdale and to help Harley and Ivy invade it is a dream come true. Marc’s a great talent and a good friend. Writing this series with him has been like sitting on the lawn during summer vacation and reading a big pile of DC and ‘Archie’ comics. Except we have to stay indoors and type a lot,” Dini said in a statement.

The first installment of “Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica” will be released at various bookstores in the United States on Oct. 4.

Meanwhile, the upcoming “Archie” comic book issue by Mark Waid is set to reveal whether or not Betty will survive the three-car accident she gets involved in. In the comic books that have already been released, Betty is barely holding on for dear life.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Waid said that he is still unsure whether or not Betty will actually live or die. But whatever happens to the character will dictate future installments of the “Archie” comic books. “I think it’s safe to say things will shake down and we’ll eventually get back to the status quo people have come to know… Things swerve back and then change again. But it’s about the story and how we go from here to there,” he said.