Maybe Britney Spears isn’t a big “Arrow” fan. She managed to pull actor Colton Haynes on stage with her Wednesday night in Las Vegas, seemingly without realizing who he is.

Haynes, who is best known for playing Roy Harper/Arsenal on The CW’s “Arrow,” was brought up for Spears’ “Freak Show.” The singer brings up a different audience member every night for this portion of the “Piece of Me” show at The Axis at Planet Hollywood. She usually puts them in a harness and on a leash while making them dance with her during the S&M-themed routine.

Haynes revealed that he was the lucky audience member on Twitter right after it happened. The “Teen Wolf” alum also posted a short video from the experience and wrote that he was “still in shock.”

After asking his name, the “Make Me…” singer signs a t-shirt for him and compliments his butt, which Haynes seemed thrilled about on Twitter. “Britney Spears just gave a shoutout to my behind on stage...what the hell is happening. Thk u @britneyspears. I’m avail for dance hire lol,” he wrote.

See more videos of Haynes dancing with Spears below. The full performance includes Haynes crawling on stage and Spears tapping him with a riding crop:

There’s a chance that being put on a leash in public isn’t going to be the craziest thing Haynes does this year. The actor is set to guest star on Fox’s “Scream Queens” Season 2, and the horror/comedy is known for its outrageous deaths (which include getting beheaded by a lawnmower and getting shoved into a deep fryer). The show premieres Sept. 20.