On the day of his divorce trial, a Queens man was arrested for killing his step-daughter and critically wounding his estranged wife.

The 52-year-old Guerino Annarumma of Astoria, Queens was brought to 114th Precinct on charges of murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon. The mother, 57-year-old Olga,was shot once. She is in critical condition and is expected to survive. Her daughter, Valeria Kuzmina Lowery, 25, was shot four times in her head and torso and succumbed to her injuries, reported NY1.

Reports indicate that Annarumma had blogged about his estranged wife and step-daughter. He posted pictures of them and threatened them online, reported NY1.

I don't have nothing to lose. I am not afraid of nobody anymore, he wrote in June on his blog, reported the Daily News. Annarumma also blamed his step-daughter for breaking up the marriage.

There were some times when she was so afraid that she asked me to accompany her to the criminal court and sit and wait with her while she was waiting for the assistant district atty on the case, said Helene Sherman, the wife's attorney, according to NY1. She was so scared and so nervous, that she just didn't want to wait there alone.