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Back 4 Blood Children of the Worm Turtle Rock Studios


  • "Children of the Worm" adds a new campaign act, enemies and weapons
  • The expansion features the game's first human enemies
  • Cultists mostly share the same behaviors as the Ridden

Turtle Rock's cooperative multiplayer shooter "Back 4 Blood's" second expansion promises to bring more zombie-blasting action for eager fans, but it seems like the Ridden won't be the only problem that they'll have to deal with.

"Children of the Worm" adds a slew of new content to "Back 4 Blood." Unlike the previous Ridden Hives in the "Tunnels of Terror" pack, this new expansion introduces new areas outside of the existing maps, and they come complete with their own thematically-appropriate enemies, equipment and set pieces.

The second expansion focuses on a human cult that worships the Devil Worm that caused the Ridden apocalypse, though most of them still fight in melee or use tactics that are very similar to the rest of the game's threats.

There are two standout enemy types featured in the expansion: snipers and large brutes wielding sharp, Wolverine-style claws.

Back 4 Blood - Cultists
Back 4 Blood's second expansion is adding enemy cultists to the game Turtle Rock Studios

To complement the brutes, standard cultists with melee weapons will be swarming Cleaners in large groups like regular Ridden. However, some of them will be carrying jars of caustic acid, which could cause some problems for tightly-knit groups.

The snipers appear to be stationary targets with bright red lasers coming out of their guns. Players won't have to spend time trying to find where they're perched, and a well-placed headshot can take them down easily.

These snipers wield the new Lockjaw rifle, which Cleaners can equip and use against their enemies. According to the developers, the Lockjaw can damage both enemy armor and HP with every shot.

These enemies will be fought in a new campaign act that's set across a variety of locations, including underground mining tunnels and a large prison complex where the eponymous Children of the Worm are holding up.

At the center of these events is Dan, a self-proclaimed holy prophet who joins the team as the latest playable Cleaner. Prophet Dan bestows a random effect on a teammate every time he revives them, alongside a few other team-wide support buffs like increased resistance against knockback and damage.

Lastly, a new wave of cosmetic items is coming together with "Children of the Worm," from Cleaner outfits to weapon skins.

Back 4 Blood - Expansion 2 Preview
Back 4 Blood's Children of the Worm DLC Preview Turtle Rock Studios