Baker Mayfield
The Los Angeles Rams take a chance on Baker Mayfield to address their quarterbacking void. Getty Images | Brian Bahr


  • Baker Mayfield was picked up by Los Angeles Rams to fill the quarterback void
  • The Rams may get their compensatory back if Mayfield signs elsewhere in the offseason
  • The Bears and Texans were the only other plausible teams who could have picked up Mayfield

The Los Angeles Rams are taking a chance on Baker Mayfield who was previously released by the Carolina Panthers

Placed on waivers, the 27-year-old quarterback who failed to find his mark with the Carolina Panthers was awarded to the Los Angeles Rams on Tuesday, December 6.

This came a day after he was waived by the Panthers and it was said to be a mutual decision between Mayfield and the team.

The decision reportedly came after he found out that he would not be starting quarterback for Carolina.

The Texas native is thus set to fly to Los Angeles on Thursday, December. 8.

The Rams need a play-caller following the injury to Matthew Stafford.

Stafford is on the injury reserve, while John Wolford is out with a neck injury.

As part of the deal, the Rams will also get back a compensatory pick if Mayfield opts to sign somewhere else in the offseason.

Assuming all goes well, there is a chance that Mayfield will play his first game with the Rams when they face the Las Vegas Raiders.

The team has reportedly now trying to send the team's playbook to the highly-touted quarterback.

The Rams will be paying Mayfield $1.35 for the remainder of the season.

Unless changes are happening in the coming months, he is set to hit free agency after this NFL season.

This all depends on how well Mayfield can perform, after which the Rams will evaluate his performance. This is even though Los Angeles appears invested in Stafford as the team's franchise play-caller.

It was not mentioned as well as to which other NFL teams were in play to potentially claim Mayfield off waivers.

However, two teams–the Chicago Bears and the Houston Texans–with the worst record so far could have gotten a chance at the struggling quarterback.

Since being traded to the Panthers by the Cleveland Browns, Mayfield has found it hard to find his groove back.

The Rams could use someone of his talent, but chemistry and good play remain the key for Mayfield to get back on track.

Baker Mayfield
Baker Mayfield gets another chance this NFL season, picked up by the LA Rams off waivers. Getty Images | Justin Berl