Bang Ye-Dam
Former TREASURE member Bang Ye-dam.


  • Bang Ye-dam announced that he has signed with GF Entertainment
  • The news came months after Ye-dam left TREASURE and YG Entertainment
  • Ye-dam reportedly left to focus on his career as a music producer

Bang Ye-dam has finally signed with a new agency nine months after he departed from both YG Entertainment and TREASURE.

The 21-year-old South Korean artist took to his personal Instagram account to share the good news with his supporters, writing, "Hello! This is Bang Ye-dam. I will be starting fresh at a new label, GF Entertainment," per an English translation from Allkpop.

"I would like to express my gratitude toward TREASURE MAKER, who have cheered me on since my days with TREASURE, as well as toward YG Entertainment for allowing me to grow into the artist I am today. I will carry out various promotions from here on, so please watch over me. Thank you," he added.

Regarding the new partnership, Ye-dam's new agency told Twitter pop culture account @Kpop_Herald, "We are pleased to sign a contract with a talented artist. We will spare no effort in providing full support for him to become a musician active in various fields."

GF Entertainment — formerly known as NOS Entertainment — is a South Korea-based agency that handles varying artists from the K-Pop and entertainment industry. It is currently the home of the pop boy band KINGDOM, which debuted in February 2021.

Meanwhile, Ye-dam will now embark on a solo career. It comes months after YG announced that he would be leaving the company and TREASURE to focus on his career as a music producer. At the time, his former bandmate Mashiho left the group to recover from an unidentified health condition.

Before the announcement, Ye-dam and Mashiho also went on a temporary hiatus, which took about six months. At the time, their longtime label explained that Ye-dam decided to take time off to study music and improve his production skills while Mashiho returned to Japan to spend time with his family.

Currently, Mashiho has yet to announce or join a new agency. But he did open a personal Instagram account last March to interact more with his fans.

In related news, TREASURE recently made a successful comeback as a 10-member group, consisting of Choi Hyun-suk, Jihoon, Park Jeong-woo, Junkyu, Hamada Asahi, Yoshi, Yoon Jae-hyuk, Kim Doyoung, So Jung-hwan and Haruto. It released its second full-length album, titled "REBOOT," where several members took part in producing some tracks of the record.