Ben Breedlove, the YouTube star who died at the young age of 18, has received massive love - both online and offline - after his death. Breedlove died from a heart attack induced by his heart disease hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

His funeral service on Thursday at Austin Gateway Church was attended by more than 1,500 people and likely watched by many more online, according to ABC News.

His latest YouTube channel, TotalRandomness512, has received over 50,000 views in just one week. His two-part YouTube video series, meanwhile, has been viewed over 4.5 million times. A Facebook page titled RIP Ben Breedlove has over 35,000 likes.

What a service. I do, Ben, stated a comment on the RIP Ben Breedlove Facebook page.

The comment was a reference Breedlove's viral videos he posted a week before his death. In the two-part video series, Breedlove shared about a vision (or dream) he had during a near death experience.

In the vision, he was in a white room with no walls that just went on and on. His favorite rapper Kid Cudi was there with him. He described a part of the vision as THE BEST Feeling.

He ended his video with the question Do you believe in Angels or God? and the answer I Do.

RIP Ben, You will be greatly missed by everyone. Your story has truly inspired me to never take my life for? granted because it can be taken away at any? moment. I wish i could have met you, because you seem like a good guy, wrote a commenter on his YouTube channel on Friday.

Rest In Peace. I hope you went back to the white room with Kid Cudi, because that's where you wanted? to be <3 You are such an inspiration, wrote another commenter.

After his death, Breedlove's family set up the Ben Breedlove Memorial Fund at Africa New Life Ministries Rwanda and has requested that all donations in memory of Ben be given there.

Prior to his passing, Ben spoke of his desire to impact the lives of impoverished children in Africa but was just not sure how...Ben's family knows now, stated the ministry's Web site.