The Target Corp. department-store chain is recalling roughly 560,000 children’s pajama sets due to a flame hazard. Reuters

Black Friday week began this Monday and numerous best deal ads are already floating online, some offering early bird offers, free smartphones, deep discounts and others products at highly slashed prices. In keeping with the trends, giant retailers like Target and Walmart are offering several deals on products ranging from household appliances to clothing, outdoor equipment, electronics and gadgets.

Online shoppers can avail of luxury products like the Apple iPod Touch 8GB for a $195, as part of a deal from Walmart. Target, on the other hand, has priced the same product at $189.99 and the 32 and 64GB versions at $299 and $364 respectively. They're also offering the iPod Shuffle 2GB for $44.99 and the iPod classic 160GB for $245. Target has also cut prices on a wide range of LCD HDTVs, 3D Plasma TVs and DVD players, from almost all major brands.

It has, for example, marked down prices of products like Samsung's 32-inch 60 Hz 720p LCD HDTV to $277, the Xbox 360 4GB to $140 and the TomTom 1505M GPS Navigation System for $90, exclusively for Black Friday. Products like the Sylvania 7-inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Player are offered at $60, along with headphones, remote control and other accessories

Walmart, in addition to cutting the price of similar range of products, up to $100, is giving away another $100 (as a gift voucher) with the purchase of any smartphone.

Popular video games like Battlefield 3, Madden '12, Call of Duty and Super Mario are available for between $10 and $28. Further, more recently released games, like FIFA 12, have been marked down to $47 and the PlayStation 3 console to $79.99, by Target.

Also, a broad range of high-end digital and professional cameras from leading brands have been put on sale by both Target and Walmart, along with several other luxury and more commonplace products.

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