The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning of a new e-mail phishing scam targeting consumers that began circulating Thursday morning this week. Many reports have been received that scam e-mails are being sent to consumers to appear that they are from the online sports and entertainment ticket company StubHub.

StubHub has said it has nothing to do with the e-mail, and is warning customers and others not to respond.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the e-mails attempt to lure recipients into sharing credit card information by telling them falsely that they are confirming an order to a boxing match in Las Vegas. Those who receive the phishing e-mail which falsely appears to be from StubHub should know it is a scam, the Better Business Bureau said. It's just an attempt to get consumers to share personal information, including credit card details, usernames and passwords.

Consumers should always investigate e-mails they receive that claim they are going to be charged for goods and/or services, said Steve J. Bernas, the president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and northern Illinois, in a statement. Go directly to the company for information and never enter your personal information including passwords and billing information as it may be a scam.

The bogus e-mail asks consumers to login to their StubHub account to confirm the bogus tickets to the Las Vegas boxing match. The Better Business Bureau warns consumers not to log in. If so, a computer program could steal their password where credit card information is stored. Anyone with a StubHub account who is concerned can simply log in through the StubHub site -- not through the email.

There, passwords can be changed for those who are concerned about information safety.

StubHub has asked that those who receive the e-mail forward a copy to so the company can investigate.