“Big Brother” Season 19 has not yet announced the official names of the houseguests, but spoilers regarding cast have already been leaked online.

A Twitter user named Aubra Marie claimed that an official source gave her a description of all the houseguests. The list suggests that there will be one houseguest who is actively involved in doing charity work. One of the houseguests is a supporter of President Donald Trump, while another one previously starred in “Survivor.” This list has not been confirmed by CBS.

There are rumors that the “Survivor” alum is reality TV legend Cirie Fields. The 46-year-old was dubbed as one of the smartest castaways to have ever competed on “Survivor.” Host Jeff Probst referred to her as “the woman who got up off the couch and played ‘Survivor’” after she admitted to being a couch potato.

Another rumored houseguest auditioned for “Bachelor,” but was rejected so he will be joining “Big Brother” Season 19 in search for a new romance. There’s also a pet store employee and a hipster with a beard on the list. One of the speculated houseguests claims to be a super fan, but admits he or she has not seen Seasons 1 to 11.

Meanwhile, “Big Brother” spoiler site Big Brother Network claims that the names of the houseguests will be revealed a week before the June 28 premiere. The same thing happened in Season 18 when the houseguests’ profiles were announced on June 14. Last year, the premiere for the hit CBS reality TV show was on June 22, almost one week ahead of this season’s premiere. This being the case, the houseguests’ reveal could take place on June 19.

In other news, there are also some speculations suggesting that vets may be part of Season 19. Last season, Da’Vonne Rogers, James Huling, Frank Eudy and Nicole Franzel made it back to the house. The latter even brought home the $500,000 grand prize.

Another leak hinted that Season 17 houseguest Audrey Middleton, Season 18 cast Victor Arroyo, Season 16’s Brittany Martinez, Season 14 star Ashley Iocco and Season 15 contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman will be back this season. As of late, CBS has not yet confirmed or denied the report.