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Black Friday sales have been hugely popular this year, given that major retailers are keeping stores open from Thanksgiving night onwards and extending the sale till Monday.

The mega shopping season that started with early bird schemes in the first week of November first, will be followed by Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Super Saturday and Sunday and last till Cyber Monday.

Amid the hue and cry to find the best deal online and in stores, most customers are now baffled and confused, surfing the web for the latest list of offers.

For the uninitiated, Black Friday has changed drastically since it originated in the 1960s. Earlier, the offers were usually kept secret until the ads were circulated in the Thanksgiving Day newspaper. Today, however, with online trade blossoming, most major brands release word of their offers in advance, allowing customers time to purchase them online and without having to stand in queues at the store.

Here is a list of selected platforms and exclusive Black Friday deals Web sites that can help identifying and surfing the genuine and best deals from all prominent stores and retailers: Everything from pre-Thanksgiving sale offers to deals on approximately 40 brands is listed on this Web site. In addition, customers can register their emails and receive alerts as soon as a new deal is put up. This is another Web site that allows you to search for the hottest products with the lowest prices. It lists all major brands. One of the more popular Black Friday Web sites, it is primarily an online sale tracker and provides all mandatory information on sales timings, links to original ads from premium brands, discount coupons, etc. It also features an online Black Friday shopping forum, where people can discuss deals and exchange notes. This is another easy to use Web site that floats daily updates of Black Friday deals. Users can jot down lists of items and prepare for the biggest shopping holiday of the year, well in advance. The deals change every day. The most popular items sold on Black Friday are electronics and gadgets; products people avoid buying in the middle of the year, due to their high prices. is a fantastic platform for customers to explore a number of deals, ranging from those for commonplace products to those for high-end gadgets. The simplest shopping idea must be that of Deal Detective. All that is left is to take out the wish list and get to browsing. The Web site offers deals from more than 100 retailers, with deals from both online and retail stores on a single platform. Shoppers can also check out the store's opening and closing hours. This platform allows users to check out the original scans of advertisements from premium stores and brands. The interface is not particularly easy to navigate but it does provide all the right information. A shopping resource portal that allows users to check out deals from credible retailers and compare prices, in-store bargains, freebies and several other details.

Blackfriday (Twitter)- The most frequently used tool on micro-blogging site Twitter enables its users to get the latest updates on deals and offers from almost all premium retailers. Easy to access and read, even on mobile phones, this seems to be a fantastic platform to get all Black Friday updates.

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