Blackpink fans are furious after learning YG Entertainment plans to delete Jennie Kim’s nurse scene from the group’s “Lovesick Girls” music video.

Following its Oct. 1 debut, some online discussions criticized a scene from the video in which Jennie is dressed as a nurse. Those opposed to the sequence claimed the clip offered a poor representation of nurses and people who work in the Korean Health and Medical Workers’ Union.

YG Entertainment, the group's agency, announced Wednesday their plan to remove the scene due to the backlash the video has received. The announcement came days after the company teased the idea of editing the video, which resulted in backlash from fans.

"We have decided to edit out all of the scenes with the nurse uniform in BLACKPINK’s 'Lovesick Girls' music video, and we will replace the video as soon as possible," the agency confirmed in a statement.

"While working on the music video for a long time, we did not expect this issue to be raised because [the scenes] had no specific intention to them. We feel greatly responsible for this and will consider it an opportunity to deeply learn."

Originally, the company had issued a public apology for Jennie's costume in the video. “The cap, tight and short skirt and high heels are completely different from an actual nurse uniform. The outfit and portrayal directly imitate the typical sexual stereotype and excuse it as a simple ‘costume,’” YG Entertainment said in a statement Monday.

In a separate statement on Tuesday, the entertainment company said of the project, "‘Lovesick Girls’ is a song that raises the question of why we continue to find love when we are hurt by it while also conveying a hopeful message. In the ‘Lovesick Girls’ music video, the scene with the nurse and the patient reflects the lyrics, ‘No doctor could help when I’m lovesick.’ There was no specific intention to it, but we are concerned about the distorted views.”

In rection to YG Entertainment's comments, Blackpink fans are now coming out in droves online to share their belief that the company is overreacting. On Wednesday, "#YGDontDeleteTheScene" was trending on Twitter nationwide.

“#YGDontDeleteTheScene When men appear in short clothes, it’s fine. But when women do same, it’s inappropriate. This is so sexism. The scene has nothing to do with inappropriate things, it’s simply emphasizing how a girl would think when she’s lovesick. Haters just gonna hate,” one person tweeted Wednesday.

Another person added, “Do not play into the mindset that these incels seem to have, that a nurse's outfit is ‘provocative’ and ‘sexual.’ Make a statement about how it’s not sexual. Support Jennie. Do the correct thing.”

Meanwhile, one person criticized the company for failing to protect their artist.

“No but Blackpink are always defamed, sexualized, hated on, insulted, lied about, etc and YG has always remained silent, but the one time they speak out it’s AGAINST a member.. this company... PROTECT YOUR ARTISTS. PROTECT JENNIE #YGDontDeleteTheScene,” the fan wrote.

The members of Blackpink have not publicly addressed the controversy surrounding their “Lovesick Girls” music video. The video currently has over 122 million views on YouTube.

Jennie Kim, Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo - BLACKPINK
Roger Kisby/Getty Images for YouTube