Bobbi Kristina with a friend, years before Whitney Houston's death. Source: Twitter

After the death of prolific singer Whitney Houston, the family is now turning their eye to Bobbi Kristina, Houston's 18-year-old only daughter, who many are saying is taking the death of her mother quite hard, and is turning to drugs and alcohol for relief.

The latest relevation about the singer's troubled daughter comes from Radar Online, who reported Tuesday evening that Bobbi Kristina showed up at the private burial for Whitney Houston looking wasted after a night of partying.

Bobbi Kristina didn't want to be at the burial, and she looked wasted, according to Radar's confidential source. Krissy's eyes were glassy, and she seemed to be very disconnected from the service. Krissy hasn't been eating or sleeping and just can't stand to be around her family right now. Krissy's group of friends appear to be much older, and don't seem to have her best interests at heart.

The gossip comes only days after the last reports of Bobbi Kristina running off from her family and getting high. After Whitney Houston's internationally-televised funeral, reports were that Bobbi Kristina disappeared for a number of hours as her family frantically searched for her. The family denied those reports, however, through godmother Darlene Love, saying that Houston's daughter was with the family the whole time.

Bobbi Kristina's life has been upended since the death of her mother, and Love told Access Hollywood that the family isn't even sure where the 18-year-old will be living, though she did say that Houston's mother Cissy and much of the extended family are still in New Jersey.

Drama involving Whitney Houston's ex-husband Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina's father, has also surely not helped the young girl recover from the loss of her mother. Reports are that Bobbi Kristina was upset by what happened at Houston's funeral with Bobby Brown, who abruptly left the service after his entourage of nine people were denied the opportunity to sit all together in the family section.

New Bobby Brown trouble may also lie ahead, as the performer is rumored to be considering writing a tell-all book about his troubled relationship with Houston. Phaedra Parks told The Huffington Post that Bobby loves all his children and would do anything to protect all his children, but another source wasn't so confident in Brown's ability to shield his daughter from the spotlight.

This is a man who left his ex-wife's funeral because he didn't like his seats and went to a paying gig that night, the friend told the Huffington Post. He didn't get on stage that night because he needed to sing his greatest hits or because Whitney would have wanted him to entertain his fans, he did it to get a paycheck—the same reason he now wants to write a tell-all book.

If such a book were to materialize, you can bet Bobbi Kristina would not take it lightly. But either way, the star's young daughter is sure to reappear in the gossip pages soon enough.

Below is a video of Bobbi Kristina Brown singing, during happier times: